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5 Reasons to Become an Educator

Dear Future Teachers,

We all want a job that we can be passionate about; a job that brings us joy; a job that feels meaningful. If Education is that career for you, congratulations! It is not an easy career, but it is a meaningful and necessary position in our society. It is easy to focus on the negatives, and that may deter you from choosing the teaching route. For those who are still contemplating whether they should go into the field of Education, here are 5 reasons to become a teacher!

1. We need more skilled teachers.

The United States is in need of teachers, and many schools suffer from teacher shortages. A lack of quality teachers is detrimental to the education of students, so it's vital that more qualified people begin to fill in the empty teaching positions!

2. The work schedule is family friendly.

Teaching does take a lot of work, but the hours are pretty decent compared to many other jobs out there. You don't go into work on weekends, and you get breaks when your students aren't in school. Of course your time out of the classroom can be spent grading, attending professional development, or designing future lessons, but your work schedule will be pretty consistent as far as school hours and school breaks are concerned. You will have certain times of the year where you can spend time with family, pick up a hobby, work in a different position, or have time to focus on fine-tuning your future lesson plans!

3. Every day looks different.

Teaching is definitely a job that you won't find tedious or boring. With new kids coming into your space every year, all with various personalities and classroom dynamics, the classroom will surely stay interesting. You can't really predict how a given day is going to turn out, and that's not always a bad thing! Students keep you on your toes and it will give you a chance to bring out your creativity in classroom spaces.

4. You're making an impact!

Teaching can be one of the most impactful positions in the workforce. You are taking part in the development of little humans, contributing to their growth, and hopefully inspiring them to be their best selves! Whether you realize it or not, you are touching the lives of your students, and some may remember you years after they leave your classroom. I STILL talk to some of my old teachers from high school because they have positively shaped my life, and I can also name all of my elementary school teachers to this day. Great teachers follow students, even if you don't see the results until students are all grown up!

5. The students!!!

I won't lie. Some students can be hard to handle, but there are so many students who will brighten your day. Even students who you might not initially expect can warm your heart at different moments throughout the day. Working with young people can be so fun. Students are actually REALLY funny, even if they aren't trying to be. Plus, watching them grasp onto classroom content and actively want to keep learning and stay engaged is so rewarding! Forming a connection with the students in your classroom can make being a teacher so much more enjoyable, and it's great for them, too! Students won't always admit it, but some really love their teachers, and they can tell when you're putting the effort in to do what's right by them.


Teaching is challenging, and it doesn't always get the respect it deserves, but many teachers I've talked to are still passionate about their jobs years after entering the field. It can be draining, and sometimes the day won't always go your way, but if you are meant to be a teacher, you have many great memories to look forward to! No career is perfect, but in my experience so far, making an impact on students is a pretty awesome feeling! Current educators: If you have more reasons why others should become educators, send them in through my Contact Form on my home page or email me at!


Much love,

Emily B.

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