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Go Vote!

Dear Future Teachers,

I am using this week as a quick pause on my regular content. For many, the 2020 Presidential Election has been filled with distress or fear for the future. It is okay to feel overwhelmed, angry, or scared; this election period has been filled with many emotions and intense moments. I encourage you all to take this week to focus on your mental health if you need to! I also want to urge you to vote tomorrow (Nov. 3) if you haven't been able to vote during early voting! This is an extremely important election and if you are able to, please head out to the polls! I'm providing a quick list of tips and of your rights as a voter so you will be well prepared for Election Day!

Before You Go

- Download a sample ballot to review!

- Double check to see where your assigned polling location is for Election Day

- Take a mask!

- Take water or a snack in the event of of long wait times

- Check your voter registration status

At The Polls

- Fill in the bubbles completely

- If you make a mistake on your ballot, you have the right to ask for a new one

- If you are still in line after the official polling site closing time, stay in line

- Don't take a picture of your ballot, in some states it is illegal!

- If the machines are down, ask for a paper ballot

- If the volunteer says you are not registered, ask them to double check, ensure you are at the correct polling place

- You do NOT need to speak English or take a test in order to vote

List of rights courtesy of

Mail In Ballots

- Check the requirements for your mail in ballots for your state here.

- Chances are, it's too late for you to mail in your ballot for it to be counted! Drop off your ballot at your local election office!

Remember, your vote matters! Go vote!

Much Love,

Emily B.

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