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Dear Future Teachers,

Long time no see! Due to the overwhelming schedule that accompanied my return to in-person learning and applying to graduate programs, Dear Future Teachers took a longer hiatus than expected. We hope to see a return to ~potentially~ regularly-posted content in 2022!

If you're new to Dear Future Teachers, welcome! If you're a returning viewer, thanks for popping back onto my blog!

I have a few updates that will impact the content I share on my blog this year:

I am in my senior year of my undergraduate education now! As part of my major (Human Development and Family Studies), in order to graduate I must complete an internship within the Human Development and Family Studies field. I started my internship this week, and I'm excited to say I've been placed in a 5th Grade ELA classroom!

With my internship, I hope to make my posts centered around different experiences I have, what I learn along the way, and other helpful tips for aspiring educators! This internship is not Student Teaching and I will not be completing an EdTPA nor receiving my teaching licensure at the end of the semester. However, I still get to gain classroom experience that will benefit me and I hope will be of interest to you, too!

I've also recently applied to a graduate program for Education, and I plan on sharing tips and tricks for applying to different programs.

As always, I'm super open to exploring different topics that interest my readers. If there are any specific things you would like me to cover, you can email me at or send a message through the Contact Form at the bottom of my Home Page!

I'm looking forward to getting back into blogging, and I appreciate you all for being a part of the Dear Future Teachers journey!

Much Love,

Emily Banks

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