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Week 3: Literacy Resources for Teachers

Dear Future Teachers,

I've just completed week 3 of my student teaching placement, and I have started my regular Fall 2022 schedule. For the remainder of the semester, I will be attending my methods courses in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies in the beginning of the week, then completing my student teaching requirement during the second half of the week. It's a new adjustment, but both are valuable learning experiences that we get to do simultaneously. What I enjoy about getting to interact with my classmates is being able to share resources with one another that we have learned about or used in our respective placements. This week, I'm excited to share some neat literacy resources that I definitely recommend checking out if you are an aspiring or current educator!

Book Search Websites

Anyone involved in the school system will tell you that literacy is a major component of education. Literacy can (and should) also be interwoven with other subject areas because it is relevant in all aspects of how we learn! Whether it is building a classroom library, finding a book to incorporate into various lesson plans, or just expanding your knowledge on the different children's literature out there, knowing your book search websites can be super beneficial for educators! I've linked some neat websites with short descriptions below!

  • The Best Children's Books- This site contains tons of books for children between pre-school to 8th grade! Books are divided into lists based on topic, subject area, or reading level. The coolest part of this particular site is that you can buy a lot of the books for an extremely affordable price (I'm talking less than $5 per book!). If you're looking to expand your classroom library and encourage multidisciplinary use of literature, this site is a great resource to start with!

  • TeachingBooks- is a site where you can sign up for a FREE account as an educator or as a student. It provides teaching resources and ideas, but it is also a way to search up books by categories emphasizing diversity. You can browse the various books by category without making an account if you are just looking for ways to diversify the literature you expose your students to!

  • Brightly- Brightly also organizes their books by age level from infants and toddlers to 13+! It's an excellent source for parents, caregivers, daycares, and classroom educators! Brightly focuses on creating inclusivity within the classroom and finds engaging topics for all age levels. Brightly also contains their own shop so that you can buy books directly from the site!

  • Reading Rockets- Not only is is Reading Rockets a fantastic resource for helping teachers structure reading instruction and helping struggling readers, but it's also a comprehensive book search engine! You can use themed book lists or use the book finder tool, which allows you to click various settings (age, reading level, genre, format, diversity themes, specific topics, and countries) to look for a more specific selection of books for your needs!


If you enjoy listening to podcasts, check out these neat literacy education podcasts I've been exposed to within the last couple of weeks!

  • The Language, Literacy, and Play Collective- This podcast is hosted by two sisters, one is a literacy specialist and former classroom teacher while the other is a speech therapist and behavior analyst. They are both dedicated to literacy development and education, with the goal of creating an environment where literacy instruction can be inclusive and accessible to all. They share tips and information for parents and educators, covering topics such as Dyslexia, Diversifying the Classroom Library, Non-Fiction reading, and tips for creating a love of reading in children! Find them on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Youtube, and more!

  • Science of Reading: The Podcast- This podcast provides insight on early reading from researchers and practitioners. Each episode covers a topic related to the Science of Reading, with some episode topics including: bilingualism, assessment, multi-tiered systems of support, literacy legislation, empowering emergent bilinguals, and much more! Find them on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amplify, and more!

  • Teachers Need Teachers- This podcast was specifically crafted as a community for beginning teachers! Starting out in education can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. You shouldn't have to do it alone! Episode topics include classroom management plans, supporting special education students, how to address parent emails, common first year struggles, and more! You can find them on Apple Podcast or their website:

Bonus Resource

While not literacy-specific, mindfulness is an important practice that can be implemented in the classroom. It can benefit student learning by creating a safe space for them to share their ideas and engage with their classmates.

Headspace offers a free subscription for educators so that they can boost focus, reduce stress, and create a more mindful classroom for their students. Find out more about Headspace and its benefits for your students, as well as an example of a mindfulness plan you can try with your students here.

Do you have any classroom resources that you've learned about or used in your classroom that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about them and promote them on the blog! You can reach out via the contact form on my home page or via email at!

Much Love,

Miss Banks

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